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Bio-Pure Home & Recreational is a very unique "proprietary" product which breaks down waste and eliminates odors naturally. In a home/farm environment, many odors are caused by the bacteria which live off of decomposing organic waste. Bio-Pure eliminates these odors by breaking down the waste products, preventing the formation of odor-producing bacteria colonies. Because of the way Bio-Pure eliminates odors at the source, by breaking down the waste which is the cause of the odors, it is extremely effective in many different applications at home and on the ranch.  


Can Bio-Pure help my home pipe drains and septic?

Yes, bacteria help keep your home's wastewater and septic systems healthy. Bacteria play a vital role in breaking down organic matter, such as food waste and other materials that go down drains, into simpler compounds that can be processed by septic tanks. Bacteria can help prevent household drains from clogging by breaking down grease, oil, and other materials that can build up and cause blockages. They can also help break down toilet paper and other materials that may not completely dissolve in water, reducing the risk of clogging your septic tank.

However, not all bacteria are created equal, so it's important to choose the right type for your specific needs. Some commercially available bacterial additives can be harmful to plumbing and septic systems and may not be effective in breaking down certain types of waste. Bio-Pure was selected #1 of 132 products in a 3 year study.

BEST IF USED BY: LIQUID = 18 MOS., POWDER = 24 MOS. - for more information visit the Bio-Pure Products Corporate website.