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About Us

It is our mission to produce the highest quality most cost effective and environmentally safe organic waste management solutions for all industries.

Bio-Pure Products Inc. is a US-based company, providing micro biology based, on site organic waste management solutions for many industries.

As Bio-Pure has expanded, we are proud to have maintained our original vision of using new science to create quality products. That can replace dangerous chemicals, with cost effective and completely safe alternatives for us and our environment.


Over 30+ years ago, the original Bio-Pure formula was developed by Doctor Bernard, PhD Microbiology. Originally purposed for philanthropic applications in fish farming within third-world countries, the product was designed to use naturally occurring microbes offering long term ecological sustainability.

We have since developed products for many industries from Dr Bernard's original formula. All products are aimed at replacing dangerous chemicals, with natural microbial alternatives for better, cheaper and safer solutions for on-site organic waste management. These range from simple odor control or drain management in homes, to dental evacuation systems, to commercial wastewater treatment at multi-million gallon plants.

 At Bio-Pure we are committed to our customers. We know we have the best quality products available. It is only by serving you, as our customer and partner, that we can really succeed!