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Bio-Pure Pond & Aquarium BENEFICIAL 48 oz. treats up to 380,000. gallons

Pond & Aquarium Beneficial 50/50 48 oz. | Water pH Treatment | Bio-Pure

Pond & Aquarium Beneficial 50/50 48 oz. is Proprietary Microbial Cleaning (24/7) working in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. All-natural microbes (multi-species), carriers, nutrients, specialized enzymes. One microbe becomes 9 - 10 million waste digesting microbes in 24 hours, absolutely safe for fish.

This water conditioner contains good bacteria to maintain the pH level of the pond or aquarium. It also maintains other water parameters to keep water features at best. The microbial/bacteria concentration is a 50/50 blend where 50% of microbe species focus on substrate waste and 50% on water clarity.

CLOUDY WATER!!! Your aquarium or pond will experience a mild to extreme microbe bloom the first 1-3 days depending on how dirty the aquarium or pond environment. As microbes gather the buoyant waste and seed into system the environment will clear, prepare to be AMAZED!!!

The only Aquatic Therapy Cleaner for aquarium & pond beneficial bacteria treatment; pond beneficial, aquarium beneficial, and pond / aquarium water treatment, "GUARANTEED" improves pond / aquarium water quality. Enhancing the clarity and reducing the frequency of water changes save time & money! for more information, visit the Bio-Pure Corp. website.

Products include:

  • Bio-Pure Pond & Aquarium Beneficial 50/50 wt. 48 oz., which treats up to 380,000 gallons of water for aquarium and pool cleaning with beneficial pond bacteria